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Title:   The Yin and Yang of Mr. Go
Director:   Burgess Meredith
Year:   1970
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.16.08

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01.16.08Weird Wednesday proper notes tomorrow (assuming they dont fall out of my head as I sleep), but the short answer is I really liked it until I dozed off.

This movie was lots of fun. Jeff Bridges was great as a James Joyce wannabe with loose morals and a deserter's desire to be free (He seemed to feel almost as strongly about it as whats her name in Group Marriage). Burgess Meredith was awesome as the acupuncture guy (not to mention directing this... thing called a movie), and James Mason is also terrific as the half-mexican / half-chinese gangster Mr. Go. The fact that the movie starts off with voice-over from Buddha says a lot about what kind of movie this is. Completely off the rails and a huge mess. A fun mess though.

So I had a great time with it until my fatigue caught up with me and I started dozing off which didn't help the plot at all through the last 20 minutes or so. All I know is that at the end Jeff Bridges gives out a super secret laser rocket blueprint or something like he's throwing out T-shirts before an advance movie screening.

my favorite sequence is probably when Bridges lures some guy into a homosexual tryst being filmed for blackmail purposes. The actual footage that we get glimpses of is hilarious.

Kinda wish I could remember more of it. Daniel says it's available on Amazon for a penny.

OH! The music! awesome awesome 60s pop fluff songs that are really amazing and don't fit the movie AT ALL. they are maybe the most out-of-place songs I've ever heard in a film.

so yeah, good stuff.
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