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Title:   Predator 2
Director:   Stephen Hopkins
Year:   1990
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.29.08

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
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01.29.08DVD told you!

I may be in a small group when I say I like this movie. Sure it got a few things wrong with LA circa 1997 (like the Gerardo music) but it's kind of refreshingly mild with the futurism and moreso than that... any funny ha ha's with the future setting or whatever, it's a goddamn Predator in a goddamn city! Granted it's not as eloquent as the first one and we get much less face time with Danny Glover's posse than Arnie's but it also does some great sequelly things like adding to the predator's toll repertoire and of course the reveal at the end of the ship and skull trophies and the expansion of the universe to include the Alien species (I was always curious what the other skulls went to) so in that respect I'd say it's a successfull sequel.

I think maybe the weakest point is that the predator more or less inexplicably targets Danny Glover and his friends to hunt. Yes, he also kills Columbians and Jamaicans and whatnot but when he goes into the subway i have to think it's about getting to Bill Paxton in which case what makes Glover so special? Is it because he stole his kill in the first scene? Is it because he just sensed Glover's innate hunter nature? I dunno... it's a bit weak. Oh well though; just a minor part of the plot.

And I can't write a note on this without mentioning Gary Busey. I don't get why his torso doesn't drop when he dies but aside from that, what a cool idea to try and capture the predator and I definitely buy Busey as the bastard crazy enough to try it.

So it's a real shame that the Alien vs. Predator movies suck so much (apparently. I haven't seen the second one yet). They both have so much promise and the design and mythology of both creatures is so rich and interesting... kind of a wasted opportunity. I also kinda wish we could get a Predator 3 though. I don't know what it'd be about that wasn't touched on in the first 2 films but damn if they aren't fun for me so I will always want more.
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