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Title:   Julie Darling
Director:   Paul Nicholas
Year:   1983
Genre:   Evil Children
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.30.08

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- Chained Heat

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.30.08Weird Wednesday I'm afraid my notes for this are less complete than last week. I liked this movie (a seething melodrama about a daughter's love for her dad) and it had some great moments, but this movie worked on a much more subtle level in that there weren't constant laugh-out-loud moments or bizarre little touches easily summarized in bullet points. Still, I'll try:

-I loved the little kid Dennis and they way he said "hey." The first time we see him he's standing all goofy-grinned on the pier while his mom hugs some strange man and he says "hey" then later when he chooses to play hide and seek by crawling into a nearly-closed old refridgerator and the evil daughter pushes it shut all he says is "hey!"

-I loved the shock of nudity. While it was funny to see Anthony Franciosa suckling on Sybil Danning's big ol' titties, it really pegged the wrong-o-meter when it flashed into the daughter's mind and we saw her, topless, writhing in passion with her dad. I guess the actress was playing younger (or they have some fucked up laws in Canada) and got a huge reaction from the crowd.

-the ending, of course, is great. A kind of giallo, Tarantino escalation of violence... that's cool.

And I also wanted to mention Fanciosa's performance. It's pretty bad but the way he speaks - and I don't know if that's his real speaking voice or if he's putting on an accent - is pretty awesome. Kinda like George Takei after a summer in London.

Umm... I'm sure I'm missing some good moments; I liked the film a lot.
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