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Title:   Without Warning
Director:   Greydon Clark
Year:   1980
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.31.08

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.31.08Terror Thursday A Predator precursor (seriously, an alien (played by the guy who played the Predator) comes to earth to hunt humans, only this time he's bald and has throwing disc leeches at his disposal. Aside from the obvious connections, there wasn't much to do with the Arnie action extravaganza here. This was much more on a horror vibe with woods and dark and creepy people like Jack Palance and Martin Landau creeping around. They were both great here by the way, especially Landau as the crazed army vet named Fred Dobbs(!). Cameron Mitchell, Larry Storch and Ralph Meeker all had very small roles just to populate the movie with, as zack said, a belly full of old coots. Oh and a teenaged David Caruso also makes an appearance. Considering how tough-guy he's tried to carry himself as an adult, the whole crowd got a kick at how gooberish he looked here. Shame he didn't get a death scene.

I liked this... I thought it was funny how Palance had "the secret" way to survive the throwing leeches by cutting them so they'd die then peeling them off with a knife, but when he's hit in the back he just accepts his death rather than handing his knife to the girl standing right next to him who just watched him do his patented cut-and-peel method like two minutes ago. I guess he had the touch. Otherwise that was a pretty great scene though because Palance threw the dead leech back at the alien and it was awesomely pitiful.

Actually, for the alien looking pretty hokey and familiar, I liked how the movie treated him. I don't think you ever see him walk, he's always either just a shadow or just standing there acting all alien and whatnot. Like I don't understand this weird thing you earthlings are doing that you call walking! It's like you're falling but you don't! Let me observe.

Note to alien: walking is how you avoid getting blown up.

Now that I'm thinking pretty deeply about it, certain questions do pop up (did he build that shack to store his bodies in? was there some random shack in the middle of the woods going unused? who's random house was that? was there a secret hiding place in the kitchen? probably considering it looked like a three-storey house and inside it was like my one-bedroom apartment) that tell me that maybe I should stop here. It was a good time though.

On a more somber note, this month has my lowest movie count since I started this site. To my recently-bored loyal reader(s?) I apologize. I guess I've been watching too much TV!
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