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Title:   Rustler's Rhapsody
Director:   Hugh Wilson
Year:   1985
Genre:   Movie About Movies
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.08.08

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02.08.08Borrowed Very self-aware genre movies can easily become too caught up in themselves to be generally entertaining to people who didn't write it. I think depending on your tolerance for such things this movie is borderline but for me personally it worked great. The idea is a mixture of what-if elements of old b-movie westerns treated realistically today and Tom Berenger as a meta self-aware caricature. It doesn't quite make 100% sense how they characters can know how the world works and still fall into the traps but whatever, it's fun.

Pretty inspired casting of Andy Griffith as the evil rich guy who oppresses the poor sheep herders and I also liked Fernando Rey as the Spaghetti component, supplying men in dusters and thousand yard stares when Berenger shoots all the local heavies in their hands. Plenty of the jokes tickled me, like the whore with a heart of gold who doesn't actually sleep with anyone, just talks to them and how the one guy after explains how much money 600 dollars actually is in 1861 or whenever when steaks cost a dime and whatnot, and a few times I LOL'd like the size of the campfire explosion and some of G.W. Bailey's performance (I think the only thing I've ever seen him in is the Police Academy films (which makes sense since director Wilson made the first one of those), he's does a pretty respectable job here though as the local drunk slash sidekick). Oh I also loved Sela Ward's moment when she finds out that Blackie, the local big bully's been killed, exclaiming to her father Andy Griffith that they did EVERYTHING together and how he was different because he could FEEL, and TOUCH. Great moment there.

Mostly it's very clever in how it plays against the Western genre staples and makes for smirkful viewing. This would be a good movie to catch on a Sunday afternoon or something. I liked it. It was silly fun.
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