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Title:   The Valachi Papers
Director:   Terence Young
Year:   1972
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.29.08

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- The Klansman

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
02.29.08Netflix Charles Bronson plays Joe Valachi, a mafia soldier pinned as a rat by his don (Lino Ventura) so he turns states and spills the beans on all the terminology, structure, pomp & circumstance of La Cosa Nostra. This was more of a "isn't that interesting" type of picture than anything else in that the names are real and it probably stuck sort of close to the truth (for a movie anyway). It also has a really cool title. It's also fun to see how this plugs into The French Connection which plugs into American Gangster. Now all we need is a Gotti biopic and maybe something to connect Donnie Brasco in the 80s and the history of organized crime in NYC would have a fairly complete cinematic record.

Anyway, this wasn't bad but perhaps a bit too long and blah-y at times. Still, I found it interesting enough.
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