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Title:   Kill and Kill Again
Director:   Ivan Hall
Year:   1981
Genre:   Kung-Fu
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.05.08

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- Kill or Be Killed

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
03.05.08Weird Wednesday Yay for going back to the Alamo for like the first time in a month! Adapting to a morning schedule and a mild bout with the flu has kept me away. I've been looking forward to seeing this movie since that night at Jarrette's place when we put his 16mm print of Kill or Be Killed on and marvelled at pretty much everything in the first reel. Lars had said that the sequel was way better so how could I miss that.

Well, I will say that the motley crue that Steve recruits is pretty awesome. I especially loved when Hot Dog saw the four kug fu guys standing at his door and after talking to them for like 3 minutes saying "hey! you're getting the group back together!" like they all randomly appear at his doorstep all the time just to borrow sugar or play his weird variant on Russian Roulette.

This has maybe the best premise of any movie ever. That Dr. Horatio Cane (I guess the EPs on CSI: Miami are big fans of this movie), in his studies to extract fuel from potatoes (enough to drive all the cars of the world to the moon) discovers a side-effect mind control drug and fake-beard Marduk tries to put it in the water.

I don't know why this is but apparently James Ryan underwent a throat-er-ectomy or something in between pictures because his voice is now like a bad Scwharzaneggar impression. 115 lbs. of trouble... heh heh. Good one, Lars.

why is soft lady playing mush mush?

why does The Fly have a guy behind the wall picking up the little platform that he's sitting on?

I think maybe this one is more consistently bizarre and low-rent and South African-sweaty than the first, but I have to admit that I missed Chico and the Nazi a lot. Kill or Be Killed will always have a soft spot reserved for its first twenty minutes but it does get pretty tedious toward the end. This feels like more of a (cheaply and quickly) polished experience. Things like seeing those "elite soldiers" exercising in the background so late in the picture really helped me from dozing off despite my white-collar fatigue.

If only there was a cameo of Chico and his travelling puppet show... oh well. I can definitely settle for this.
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