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Title:   Dan in Real Life
Director:   Peter Hedges
Year:   2007
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.12.08

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03.12.08Internet so... I've never really tried acting but can't see myself being very good at it. Since I'm not really in that world though - seeing movies through the eyes of a strict viewer - movies like this make me wonder how hard it is to be a good actor. I mean, certainly there are good actors and bad or else all those direct-to-dvd and softcore cinemax movies would be watchable, but I watch something like this where Steve Carrell, undoubtedly a good comedic actor, pull off really understated dramatic work (although I guess he did similar stuff in Little Miss Sunshine) and wonder how his turn happened. Could he afford top-notch acting coaches to give him is newfound dramatic chops? was he always talented and just now got the chance to shine? or was it all the work of the director, who managed to put Dane Cook in a movie without me being sick of Dane Cook. I mean I really don't know. That's not true, I do know. I don't believe the Seann William Scotts and Justin Longs and Macaulay Culkins when they try to be serious, so I guess Carrell's just a good actor.

Anyway, I liked this a lot. Great ensemble with solid actors filling even the smallest roles, very understated and naturalistic performances, and realistic humor with bittersweet tinges of pain. Despite Juliette Binoche having absolutely no hold over me, I still kinda bought why these guys fell for her. The very end with his daughters driving with him was a little barfy for me but up till that point I enjoyed it quite a bit. And, dramatic chops or no, Steve Carrell made me LOL.

I still don't want to see Pieces of April though. Maybe someone can tell me there's a sliver of humor in that movie to make it worth watching??? Didn't think so.
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