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Title:   Drillbit Taylor
Director:   Steven Brill
Year:   2008
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.21.08

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
03.21.08Cinemark Pflugerville So I'm slowly starting to realize that despite its impediment on my naturally nocturnal sleep schedule and taste for midnight movies, this new job that I have is actually pretty good. For instance, I got a half day today... So I spent it at the movie theater.

This movie... made me realize how much Greg Mottola is responsible for Superbad being as good as it is. Because really, Superbad shouldn't have been that good. It should've been a lot more like this. This is like if Superbad was made by typical Hollywood comedy directors, saturating every scene with popular music in 20-second bites and relying on a Star to provide much of the humor that wasn't fleshed out enough in the script. I felt like pretty much everyone (especially the homeless guys) were wasted here, plots were either familiar or undercooked, and the few moments here or there were either ruined by the trailer or too small to remember. Not to say it's bad - I didn't hate it - but it is fairly mediocre.

I did enjoy seeing 3 of the 4 original UCB members in separate roles. It'd be awesome if some movie inadvertantly reunited them, like they're all at the same recovery group or something. Maybe they're just on my mind because a) I saw them the other week and b) they have bit parts in EVERY comedy now.

Again, I don't want to paint it like this is a horrible movie, it's just pretty blah and pg-13'd. The fight at the end is unexpectedly harsh though... those bullies (including Josh button-your-lip Peck from The Wackness) are... pretty unbelievably bullyrific. I'm glad I didn't go to school with them. I did enjoy Ian Roberts though and his anecdote about highschool... he really plays into his jocky looks well I think. I was actually really surprised to see a big ol' guy on him when I saw him live because he's usually so pumped. Anyway...

It had moments, but I wanted this to be better.
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