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Title:   Dolemite
Director:   D''Urville Martin
Year:   1975
Genre:   Soul Cinema
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   03.29.08

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03.29.08DVD Going way back, I think Shaft was - of course - the first Blaxploitation movie I saw, probably spurned on by exposure to Pulp Fiction or something. I'm pretty sure Dolemite was second though. I first saw this in high school and remember it fairly well all things considered. Still, since starting this site and getting into so many new genres, I sort of felt like watching this again not only to revisit the original but also so it could be included in the site total for the genre. I've seen over 50 Blax movies now and have really loved most of them, so it should go without saying that I really loved this as well.

I am Joe Blow, the loverman. Shiiit, You should be paying me! Here's two dollars; go get yourself some douche powder so you're clean for me next time.

Me and Micah have talked about this in the past and I probably wrote on it for Human Tornado but I love how Rudy Ray Moore is so... unattractive. I also love how his pants that go up to his solar plexus have this pregnant hump for his physique. It's one thing for those rail-thin guys to wear that stuff back then but it was another thing entirely for Mr. Moore to sport it. You gotta love how he embraces his cherubic figure and the women still seem to think he's the best ever. Even better than Joe Blow.

I got your boy hangin, you no-business born insecure jock-jawed muthafuckas!

I also Moore says "muthafucka" with 100% absolutely perfection. I can't picture anyone else saying that word any better. Maybe Antonio Fargas but that's in a completely different way. Maybe for a wheezy death bed scene, I'd call in Fargas; otherwise it's got to be R.R. Moore. I think the trick is that he takes his time with it. even before he starts saying it you see the gleam in his squinty eyes and you know he's drawing in breath TO say it. It's coming. And when it gets there, it's just a perfect realization of sentiment. Fantastic.

Well if it isn't the hamburger pimp.

Still, in the end I think I prefer The Human Tornado. The charm and humor that comes from how rough and cheap this movie is (like when the camera stays on Dolemite as he walks all the way back to his car, gets in, and keys the ignition before cutting) still keeps the laughs spaced out. I feel like The Human Tornado spends its entire running length in the red zone, and I love how Dolemite in Dolemite acts like a real person who dips into his jive for his act but Dolemite in Human Tornado seems to LIVE in his act. Pretty much every line of dialogue is rhymed and delivered as if to a drunken nightclub crowd, which makes the movie that much more surreal and hilarious.

This is great too though.
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