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Title:   Jumper
Director:   Doug Liman
Year:   2008
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.18.08

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
06.18.08Internet So I totally didn't know that Doug Liman directed this. I probably would've given it a little more attention when it came out had I known actually... except it's VERY close to an idea I've had forever about a superhero who can teleport to wherever he can see (I guess mine was a bit more limited), so I kind of resented the movie for putting out in the world the idea that was mine even though all i ever did with it was start a novella and put it back in the drawer after about 10 pages or so...

But I digress. This was surpringly good to me considering I hate Hayden Christensen but retroactively kind of disappointing now that I know it's Doug Liman. I mean the direction was good and the visual effects were functional and for the most part I could see the action which is an achievements considering the amount of effects at work and the fact that Sam Jackson is like 70 now even though he still looks 40, but some of the story points really made me groan. Like how there has to be this ancient rivalry between Palladins and jumpers, or how jumpers even have to be a group and not just some kid's quirk-of-nature power, or how the girl would see the childhood friend mysteriously back from the dead whom she just had sex with 10 hours ago then left her at an airport in Rome teleport across her living room and choose THEN to get all mad and all fussy. And I hate Hayden Christensen. And I didn't like Jamie Bell here either. And they stole my idea.

So that kind of puts a hindrance on me actually actively liking this movie, but still. Surprisingly decent.
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