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Title:   Laserblast
Director:   Michael Rae
Year:   1978
Genre:   Youth Angst in Suburban Hell
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   08.14.08

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
08.14.08Weird Wednesday This was one of those movies that for some reason 5 different people mentioned during my early days hanging out at the Alamo. I missed it during childhood so I made sure to make it downtown for my first terror thursday in like 6 months to see it. Luckily Daniel tipped me off that it was in the small theater so i got there super early.

(tangent: maybe it's my working-man old-fogeyness but 6th street on a thursday night is very close to living hell. I couldn't believe the cacophany of distorted music, drunken yelling, and idiot shot-huckstering projected over the seedy grimy depravity of desperate people laid out as I turned the corner on 6th and San Jac. It honestly set me back a bit.)

The movie... had it's moments. Although I appreciated the sheer amount of explosions, they somehow left me dry. When the kid plays like he's blowing shit up before he finds the necklace and actually starts blowing shit up was probably my favorite part. For some reason, I didn't enjoy Cheryl Smith in this at all, which is pretty odd. I also didn't enjoy how the one woman in the pool party who goes topless keeps her back to the camera. What kind of Band production is this!?

So... if I had made this movie, I probably wouldn't have had the kid get possessed by an alien urge to destroy. I think they set him up pretty perfectly as a troubled kid ready to lash out like whatshisname in Christine. Having him somehow blameless kind of deflated any joy I was getting to the vague low-budget slaying of all his nemeses.

The aliens were pretty random, but the final scene with the one on the rooftop is definitely the type of scene that some character is watching on tv in a movie to show how cool and obscure the director is (Thanks, Wachowskis. you're so cool for knowing Night of the Lupus). On a semi-related-but-not-really note, while listening to the latest episode of The Treatment, I was overjoyed to hear Elvis Mitchell bring up Nasty Habits to Ben Stiller. Elvis Mitchell loves Nasty Habits!

Umm... so yeah, glad I saw it; not sure I'd see it again.
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