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Title:   Roadgames
Director:   Richard Franklin
Year:   1981
Genre:   Thriller
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   08.28.08

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
- Cloak & Dagger
- Psycho II

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
08.28.08Netflix Stacy Keach plays a truck driver who may have witnessed a murder now playing a game of cat and mouse with a mysterios van as he delivers a load of pork from Melbourne to perth. Very Hitchcock-esque (Franklin freely admits that the premise is basically Rear Window on the road), very solid thriller. I really loved the moment after Keach looks through his binoculars and sees the van driver looking back at him while digging a hole, he looks to the side as if "oh nothing, just looking around. I didn't see you") then looks back and was like "oh shit he saw me." Hilarious little moment breaking the tension and suspense that Franklin methodically builds. I also loved when he tried to steal the dude's motorbike.

Really solid, I liked it a lot.
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