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Title:   Anguish
Director:   Bigas Luna
Year:   1987
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   10.09.08

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10.09.08Terror Thursday The notes!!!

I can't remember!

Nah. Anguish was pretty awesome. It totally and completely "got" me when it zoomed out into the theater. I spent the first 20 minutes or whatever wondering when the weird-looking guy from the Alamo no-talk spot would show up and how he could possibly appear in the story and have it make any sort of sense, but then it did! I also loved the end credits. Whatshisname Barton Fink and Zelda were both pretty awesome and this is the kind of movie that could really only work in foreign markets (or super unknown actors) due to billing issues. Great movie and I'm really glad I held off seeing it until I had the opportunity to experience it theatrically.

Zelda... ok it was obviously cool that Zelda came out and her brief time on the mic was enjoyable as she was spirited and funny and her little voice was cool to hear in person, but... it was brief. I guess the highlight of the night was when Zack Carlson said he gets to be "Big Z" and she gets to be "Little Z" and he says "I love you, Little Z" and you hear a teeny tiny voice from the crowd say "I love YOU, Big Z" awwwww. But you know, she's so tiny anyway, seeing her sit down there at the front of the theater was kind of like watching Opera from the cheap seats (not that I even know what I'm talking about). Not much happened. But it was cool. I hope I don't sound too whiny.
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