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Title:   Pride and Glory
Director:   Gavin O''Connor
Year:   2008
Genre:   Cop
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.06.08

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
11.06.08Regal Gateway Hey, I'm not dead! And my eyes haven't been bored out by lasers or cockroaches either! Just busy watching tv and playing video games. Anyway, as a reward for getting a high-profiles project done in time, my PM took us to Dave & Busters then to see a movie. Can't sneeze at that!

This looked like a pretty solid effort so I was looking forward to it. It turned out to be pretty mediocre. There was one scene that was pretty brutal, but that was spoiled for me by a Christian co-worker reading one of those family-friendly reviews online where they count the number of times people say "fuck." So really, watching this movie was all about the performances and seeing acting talent together. A dinner scene in particular, where Jon Voight - playing drunk - boasts the merits of each of his children, and you see Voight there with Ed Norton, Colin Farrell, and Noah Emmerich (a character actor I've always liked since Beautiful Girls or so) and... it's about as solid as it should be. It's not "momentous" like The Score or anything like that, but these guys are all putting in the work in their own way.

Unfortunately, there are also some scenes where I just wanted to groan loud enough to alter the space-time continuum to make the scene end faster. The whole cancer wife did nothing for me and any scene where people talk about what they should do bored me to a near coma (not helped at all by me getting popcorn with "butter" for the first time in ages. By the end of the movie I could actually feel the oil, having seeped through the bag, slick my shoe soles).

Still, for the aforementioned brutal scene, my pansy co-workers were flinching and saying things like "damn" and it's always getting harder to shock an audience. I had a very Kiss of Death moment seeing Colin Farrell act nutso.

And then the ending was lame as all get-out. Seriously. Half the police precinct like two blocks down and you don't radio for a car? Ugh. UGH. Oh and the shooting was terrible. Terrible. They were going for gritty and desaturated, they ended up with amateurish and shaky.

Anyway, it was great to actually see a movie in a theater again (shock! Who am I and what have they done to Brian!?) and it had moments.