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Title:   Redline
Director:   Andy Cheng
Year:   2007
Genre:   Gearhead
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.08.08

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11.08.08InternetThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2008
100% of the credit behind why I saw this movie is owed to Jarrette, who urged me to check it out over and over again when I really wasn't interested. Well, I've finally seen it and hoo doggy am I thankful.

So, a big part of the reason why I enjoy Weird Wednesdays is that it seemed that, in the 70s, you didn't always need millions and millions of dollars to make a movie. Therefore, every once in a while either a dedicated group of people or some eccentric rich dude or some actor with temporary clout got to make a film so unlike every other film that it came off as completely unique even if it was terrible. Well, those days are gone but what we do have, at least in the case of this movie and another must-see piece of trash called Dangerous Men, is the occasional uber-rich byproduct of the American Dream raised on Cinemax with the resources to go out and make his own version of every other movie. Sure the intentions are pretty much exact opposite from those 70s maverick indies but the result is sort of the same. Glimpses of personality can't help but bleed through.

All that aside, this movie is terrible. TEAR IH BULL. Angus Macfayden... I really haven't seen enough of him to know whether he's pulling off the most phoning-it-in performance of all time (it's not even a phone... he's telegramming it in, complete with "STOP"s after every sentence) or if that's really him making "choices." Either way, it's pretty special to watch. The lead actress as well although I'm more certain with her that she was just a model that the producer liked and traded the lead for her panties. Eddie Griffin, Tim Matheson... I'd start to wonder why in hell they'd take this job but... I quickly come to the conclusion that they took it for the same reason that i'm watching it: yes it's crap but it's awesomely expensive exotic automobiles, oceans of scantily-clad supermodel flesh, and mountains of money. Fuck art, let's have a little fun.

And that's the movie. Terrible, terrible fun. Even though it's trying to be Fast and Furious or whatever, it's stuck in its own little world of 25 million dollar bets and revenging kung-fu brothers and super-hot big-tittied race-car women and booming bass soundtracks. A world without pedestrians, stop lights, police helicopters, or insurance. A world, no matter how much the producer wants it to feel like every other car movie, is so the same that it's different. It's great.

And talk about a punch in the arm after those last two. Whew! Next up is a pinch hitter. I think I'm replacing the last movie on the ticket because it doesn't exactly fit the theme of the festival, so instead I'm catching up on another movie I was mildly curious about when it hit South By this year but not enough to actually see it when it came out in theaters. See you soon!
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