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Title:   The Strangers
Director:   Bryan Bertino
Year:   2008
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.08.08

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11.08.08InternetThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2008
I'd heard this was generally creepy and the first half hour or so really built it up for me. The whole premise is creepy in itself since I never like people knocking on my door to begin with, so to imagine someone intentionally unscrewing the porch light so you can't see them would freak me out right at the beginning. Unfortunately, I would've said "fuck it" and left right then, so the rest of the movie kind of lost me from there.

While that's not completely fair, I will say I liked the first wave of creepy background home invasion, but as the movie went on I started to wonder exactly what it was these masked "strangers" were after. Increasingly so until the end when I didn't much care. I think maybe they didn't write in enough neighbors or hitch-hikers to kill or something since right up till the end I was wondering if they were even after violence or just going for some scares since the youth of today is definitely capable of anything when they're bored. And I don't know if it was my heavy eyelids or the version i "borrowed from a friend" or what but it seemed like a few shot sequences repeated... like things happened twice in a row for me. It was weird; I'm not alltogether sure it happened, but I think it did.

So anyway, a nice dark creepy movie to end the night on. I liked it, but it could've been better if further developed.

So... that's it for this year's DVRfest. A short one I know; hastily planned and not as eclectic as previous years but oh well. We'll have to see what next year brings. As for the stats, i've seen 1774 movies in 1930 viewings since starting this site (221 in the past year, 10(!) in the past month, 6 in the past week) for a daily average of 1.32 total, 0.61 yearly, 0.33 monthly, 0.86 weekly. Top directors are Oliver Stone and Werner Herzog with 11 each followed by Blake Edwards (10), Hithcock (8) and Spielberg (7). 328 came from Netflix, 212 from the Alamo Downtown, 193 on DVD. 176 Comedies, 173 Dramas, 160 documentaries (159 horrors). It's hard for me to believe that I've been doing this 4 years now; I'm really thrilled by the notion. I've always been someone unable to keep a journal or diary for longer than a week so this has been really fun. Hopefully the next 4 will go just as fast. For now though, it's off to bed.
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