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Title:   Hot Rod
Director:   Akiva Schaffer
Year:   2007
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   3
Last Seen:   12.20.08

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Date Viewed Venue Note
12.20.08DVD Rico is funny. Cool beans.
12.10.07DVD still funny. I didn't laugh as much at the random stuff because I knew it was coming but I still appreciate that everyone in the crew are equally idiotic, and that's funny.
07.10.07AMC Barton Creek Ahhh... this is turning out to be a pretty great summer for comedy. Well, I'm not counting License to Wed or anything but Knocked Up and Superbad and now this all made me laugh really damn hard. The thing with this is seemingly random humor kind of on a Napoleon Dynamite vibe (but trading nerdy for... dorky?) but it's also a pretty major throwback to 80s comedy kind of twisted and distorted to fit today's audiences. Still, there's some pretty awesome homage here like a punch dance in the woods and an MC Hammer 2 Legit reference and a crowd-singing-in-the-streets moment that's pretty sweet but it also has no problems with going the extra mile with violence and stunts gone horribly horribly wrong that the youtube crowd now expects.

There were tons of funny moments that we were all immediately quoting back as we walked out of the theater (probably the biggest is "wow that's... really racist, but correct") and there are enough to fuel repeat viewings so I really hope this does well. It's not the smartest form of humor and for the first fifteen minutes or so I was smirking while everyone else was laughing but when I gave in to it, I laughed more and more and by the end I had a constant grin going on. The crowd laughed a lot... stepping on some lines because there seems to be absurd little jokes in every shot of the film. I loved Bill Hader's shorts... actually I loved all the costuming here but one of his shirts in particular of a deer seemingly ripping out of his torso really made me crack up (there's also a shot where we see him air-drumming for like 3 seconds that really tickled my funny bone (if you know what I mean)).

I'm trying not to list out every bit I can think of that made me laugh but it's hard. Rico handling the RV owner, Will Arnet's euphamism for prophylactics, Ian McShane's rhodesian fighting implement, Chris Parnell's tattoo, and Rod's whole relationship with his step-brother and little pre-fight pep talk... it all just hits on such a ridiculously enjoyable note. Maybe it's too strange for some, too random for others, and too low-brow for college types, but it really made me laugh so whatever.

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