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Title:   Style Wars
Director:   Tony Silver
Year:   1983
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.31.09

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01.31.09Netflix Hey! Remember me? I used to watch movies? Well, we're like 9 hours away from February and this is the year that I do something I toyed around with doing for the past three years! Let's see if I can watch 28 blaxploitation movies this month! Now, I'm not saying one a day because I know some days I'll be busy but hopefully other days I can make up for it by watching two or even three. The best part is that I already have most of the movies in my pocket, so if I don't see something, it's my fault.

As a prelude to the upcoming foray into Afro-culture, I decided to watch this doc on mostly graffitti writing but also some breaking thrown in as well. This is another one like Krush Groove that I somehow never learned about until now. It's an amazing document of early-80s NYC subway trains. Absolutely amazing. Great interviews, perfect cinematography, and a real grit of authenticity for the time.

The thing I loved most about this was how utterly New York everyone was. My favorite subject was Seen. I thought his art was the most striking but moreso the footage of him putting together the wall with his buddy was classic. 110% NYC. I don't really understand how pretty much everyone from those years were so explicitly representative of where they lived but I don't feel like anywhere is like that now... we all look the same.

But yeah, excellent doc. I only wish it was longer.
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