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Title:   The Black Godfather
Director:   John Evans
Year:   1974
Genre:   Soul Cinema
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.03.09

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02.03.09VHS After learning from the experience of a numbers man, a thug-turned-organized crime leader plans to squeeze the white mafia's control and heroin out of their neighborhood. Even though the numbers dude warns "dont let your mouth overload your ass," he does it anyway. Gunfights, poorly-shot airplan explosions, and other Godfather-y things ensue.

This was pretty middle of the road, in that it looked like crap, the actors were terrible, the plot derivitive, and the action mediocre. But, the music was cool, the non-actor-ish-ness of the actors lent for occasional glimpses of reality and/or humor, the evil honky white guys mobsters were clearly just the only white guys the production knew, and all that terrible-ness thrown together in this setting with a title like The Black Godfather... It ends up with some charm (even though the trailer is most certainly better than the film itself).

My favorite part was the one dude amongst all the rifles and shotguns in tribal dress with beads in his hair carrying a spear. WHA? He actually uses it too, which is pretty awesome on at least two levels. I also like that the dude named Diablo was the constant source of ethical conscioussness toward the titular black godfather. Dude, your name is Diablo, you and your dudes sell drugs all over the neighborhood, yet you're calling JJ over there corrupt? huh? I guess that kind of talk has to come from someone in these films, so it might as well be from Diablo.

Good fun. I'm super glad I finally watched it. Now I can honestly thank the guy who gave it to me instead of ducking the subject since I hadn't watched his gift a year after he gave it to me.
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