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Title:   Raiders of the Lost Ark
Director:   Steven Spielberg
Year:   1981
Genre:   Adventure
Times Seen:   3
Last Seen:   12.26.12

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.26.12Borrowed My dad got a new TV delivered and we spent most of the afternoon trying to mount it to his wall. It was pretty cool. Anyway, to christen the TV we watched this on Blu. Great picture. We also watched half of Last Crusade until everybody started falling asleep. This made me notice something kind of new and maybe a core difference between the two and maybe maybe a small insight into why the first one is a classic and the third is just very very good (in my opinion of course). In the first one, there's this question of Indy's methods and motives. Brady mentions buying his artifacts for the museum "no questions asked" and Belloc of course goes on that whole thing about how he's a shadowy version of Indy and Indy's just a stumble away from being him. Although Indy is clearly the good guy, The first film still posits that question. He can't blow up the ark even though he really should. I guess him being able to close his eyes when the ark is opened answers that question in that he's not completely consumed by his obsessions.By the third one, He's ultra-heroic and his motives are never questioned at all. He has the noble motivation of rescuing his dad even if it means killing nazis and defaming old church/libraries. At this point, we're along for the ride because, hey, he's INDIANA JONES. Even as a kid he knew things belonged in museums. Of course, he also stops his make-out session to say "ahh venice" for the third time and stuff like that too... because he's not even trying to be mysterious or dangerous anymore. That question has already been answered.
09.09.06Paramount so I took my parents to the Paramount to let them sit in the balcony, ooh and ahh over the grand decoration and old-timey feel, and get their butts sore from the sub-par seats. Not much to say about the actual movie this time except that I feel like I've seen it too much recently... it's all too familiar. although, i never noticed how much detail you can discern when Karen Allen steps out on the submarine deck wearing only that silk nightgown. but anyway... good movie. I wish I could've stayed for Temple and Crusade but we were off to the Salt Lick to gorge on meat.
05.07.05Alamo Village Got to see this on a big screen finally, and there was a Pitfall contest beforehand to boot. Only a few people could get past the crocs. It was great to see the original print of this, back when "Indiana Jones and the" wasn't actually in the title. Sure the effects are a bit more dated but it somehow made the movie more fun to watch, like i was back in 1981 for a few hours or something. They showed trailers for Temple of Doom and E.T. beforehand as well to complete the ambience. All in all it was a fun time.