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Title:   The Black Six
Director:   Matt Cimber
Year:   1974
Genre:   Soul Cinema
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   02.04.09

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02.04.09Internet A group of Viet Nam vets tool around the countryside on their bikes just having fun until one of them learns that his younger brother's been killed by a honky motorcycle club. Rumbling ensues.

Here's how old I am. Lars is showing this TONIGHT but i'm too wussy so I chose to watch a crappy VHS transfer on my computer instead so I could get a full night's rest. Boo!

Anyway, the titular 6 are all football players (it shows which teams they played for in the opening credits), but none of them can really act, not even on Jim Brown/Bernie Casey/Fred Williamson levels. Instead, they have a natural chemistry that comes off well in screen, especially in an early scene where they disrupt a racist road bar like they're Jonathan Winters in It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Later on, five of them kind of go off somewhere to have fun while the main dude (bubba) has to stay and do all the acting scenes, but then they get to come together again at the end in a super duper biker brawl that i'm kind of sorry was shot at night because some of that chain-swinging looked pretty intense and whenever there's a flare or a homicidal honky flying through the air in a blown-up chopper, everything else blacks out so you can't see... anything really. Still, it's a pretty fun end to a pretty fun movie, helped along by the lack of budget and stiltedness of the performances... unless of course you're not into that kind of thing, in which case you'd probably find it terrible.

I'm sure I'll get tired of saying this but again, great music. Nice funk breaks all throughout.

My favorite line is said by... I guess his name is Copperhead. He's a poolshark/pimp who Bubba strong-arms into giving him some information. To achieve said strong-arming, Bubba snatches Copperhead's pool cue and snaps it. No over-the-knee or nothing. Copperhead (who we're told was kept out of the army for an eardrum problem) looks at Bubba and says "You broke my stick, man, you crazy!? Damn... DAMN!" and stands there outraged. Like it was the actor's cue that he had to bring in from home and nothing was said about it being broken and fun is fun but damn, man, you broke my stick! Awesome.

Second favorite goes to the character of Thor, who mentions something about smoking a pipe and getting high, getting fleecy white clouds high. Yeah....
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