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Title:   Watchmen
Director:   Zack Snyder
Year:   2009
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   02.02.10

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
02.02.10DVR One of those that I recorded mostly to watch in hd but also somewhat to see again. I'm not sure if i read the book before seeing this the first time (i want to say I didn't) so this time around I got to watch for details since I already knew the plot. Have to say I enjoyed it. Parts of me (specific parts) wish we got more slow-motion close-ups of Malin Akerman in her outfit (it's weird, she totally showed her boobs on Lisa Kudrow's HBO show The Comeback and I never really noticed but now that she's in skin-tight latex she's pretty damn interesting) and the Night Owl dude is not beer bellied like he is in the comic but other than that I thought it was ultra-specific in its adaptation. Pretty cool. I remember hearing that the Hughes brothers were doing From Hell and being unable to imagine how awesome it was gonna be then walking away with nothing to help me from being disappointed due to their adaptation (and stripping away of all societal context), i'm guessing for length. So with this it's pretty refreshing to have everything visualized well, even if it makes for a superhero movie with almost no action.

I'm half-curious to rent the Black Freighter straight-to-dvd just to see how that goes and I imagine the next time I get around to this might be the director's cut to see everything that i'm not aware that I'm missing... but this theatrical cut stands pretty well I think. I definitely prefer it to 300.
03.19.09Galaxy Highland OMG I saw a movie. in a theater. sigh...

Anyway, I picked up the graphic novel the other day and, after skimming the first few pages, decided that any hope of being impressed with the movie was by not reading it first. I'm glad I saw it in the theater although I definitely wanted more close-ups of Malin Ackerman in her uniform. Also because of the explosions and everything.

So as a Watchmen newcomer, I thought the following:

-lots of characters
-very dark
-lots of talking
-Nixon looked terrible

I liked how subversive it was and the whole real-life-of-superhero angle still fascinates me. It was good... but something about it rubbed me just a little bit wrong. Who knows why.