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Title:   300
Director:   Zack Snyder
Year:   2007
Genre:   Comic Book
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   04.07.09

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Notes History
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04.07.09DVR OK. So the only other time I "saw" this was as the last movie at a BNAT and I freely admit that I dozed through most of it. I don't remember loving it. In fact, I still have a boxed HD-DVD player with a copy of 300 sitting under my bed devaluing as I type. Throw a new TV in the mix however, and it suddenly becomes a good time to revisit this and give it a second chance.

Very pretty. I saw every slow-motion jiggle in the oracle scene. I saw every digital spurt of blood. I saw every digital landscape.

Eh. I don't get the mutated giant-creatures with the razor-blade arms and Xerxes' voice. Everything else I more or less enjoyed although I really don't see it as a movie. It's more like... I dunno, some extended sequence.
12.10.06Alamo DowntownThis Screening is part of event: Butt-Numb-A-Thon 8
The Carnahan intro came while the movie played so they played it after. It was pretty funny, basically him singing happy birthday then shooting a PA who interrupts him. ha. then Zack SNyder was there to intro 300 in person ("I heard it makes a good morning movie") and did a Q&A afterward.

300 resembles my memory of the comic very closely, although in quickly flipping through it again I see a fair amount of differences along with one very visual thing that i didn't see in the movie (maybe i was blinking during that scene though). But basically my memory of the movie is that there's a great slow-fast-slow battle scene followed by time-filling background stuff then more battle then more flashback back and forth for the whole movie. My other major memory is that everyone had 2 or 4 too many abs. I really think a lot of the abs in this movie are CGI. I can buy the pecs but not the abs. These spartans have 12-packs, which just isn't right.

So I kind of forced myself to stay lucid for the scenes I knew would kick ass, but the rest kind of degraded as my blinks started getting longer and longer. I will say that I think I was more with it for both Smokin Aces and 300 this year than I was for V for Vendetta last year, but it still sucks when you're not 100% awake to be able to relax and enjoy the movie. I remember liking 300 though. Snyder's comment that it's more of a Spartan fever dream than any sort of realistic historical drama is very apt.

So that was my BNAT. Except for Dreamgirls I liked every new movie and either didn't watch or didn't care for any of the vintage movies. If it were up to me, I would've showed The Informer first, dreamgirls in the middle of the night to wake the fans up (and let me sleep), and perhaps swap out some of the vintages... if you're gonna play Chirpy you really don't need Once Upon a Girl... but oh well. That's why it's Harry's birthday and not mine. That's what DVRfest is for I guess.

BNAT round up!

Fake Titles:
-Shock Corridor
-Show Boat
-A Man Called Flintstone
-Witness for the Prosecution
-The Set-Up
-Teenage Mother
-I Was A Teenage Werewolf
-The Conformist
-The Quiet Man
-Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires
-California Split
-Spider-man 3

Real Titles:
-Black Snake Moan
-Once Upon A Girl...
-Inherit the Wind
-Rocky Balboa
-Knocked Up
-Teen Wolf
-Black Book
-The Informer
-Raw Force
-Smokin' Aces

Food & Drink
-Mozzarella Sticks
-Chicken Caesar Salad
-Sugar-free Redbull
-1 caffeine pill which didn't work.
-2 tylenol