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Title:   The Condemned
Director:   Scott Wiper
Year:   2007
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.01.09

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05.01.09DVR Micah challenged my theoretical knowledge on WWE Filmes after reading my 12 Rounds notes and that - along with having a cold and feeling like watching mindless explosions and machismo - led me to check this out (in HD!). I really didn't know anything about this one except Jarrette said he didn't think it was even a real movie. I don't know... As a fan of Running Man/Battle Royale/No Escape type movies, I have to admit that I liked this one more than I probably should have.

Some greaseball producer creates a show where 10 death row maniacs drop onto a remote jungle island with bombs strapped to their ankles that are timed to go off in 30 hours less everyone fight to the death in a karate olympiad - i mean a winner-take-all man-fest. It's kill or be killed!

That's all well and fine except for one thing: Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn't play games.

Man that guy looks weird. His neck is thicker than his bald head and he's like 7'2 in some shots but 5'10 in others and sometimes he can sprint like nobody's business but other shots he lumbers along like sasquatch. It seems his major combative skill is just being able to take a punch then killing people with two of his own. This sounds... really crazy but I actually believe steven seagal could kick my ass more than this guy. Not to say he isn't a huge fucking wrestler that would have any problem dealing with me at all but I know Seagall would break some bones with a cue ball or something. This guy would just punch me, presumably until death.

I don't know what that last paragraph means. This movie's pretty poor by, you know, most standards. But still, I guess i'm a sucker for badasses stuck on a remote island, especially if there are game shows and/or personal bomb harnesses involved.
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