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Title:   The Hammer
Director:   Charles Herman-Wurmfeld
Year:   2007
Genre:   Sports
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   06.04.09

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06.04.09DVR Although I never listened to his radio show, I've started listening to Adam Carolla's podcast at work. Aside from it being one of like five websites left not blocked by my work's firewall, i enjoy his unpretentious hollywood perspective and his rants/stories. Anyway, he mentions the movie he made a lot, and I saw that it was coming on HBO HD so.... watch'd!

And it's good! Well, mostly. sometimes it's still a bit off, like it's amateur doing a good job of appearing professional but sometimes you still see little bits of amateur leaking through. The lead actress, the needlessly handheld shots... and that's really about it. Mostly, it's a solid movie that has something most movies, regardless of budget and talent, lack: charm. It's a damn charming movie, sort of like how Howard Stern's movie managed to not suck even for people who hate Howard Stern. Of course, this movie is a bit more fictitious even though my limited exposure to Adam Carolla has already revealed that he really was a carpenter and really did teach boxing classes at Bodies in Motion and really does like bands like The Mighty Bosstones. The whole olympic-nationals-at-40 thing though is a bit of a stretch.

So again, surprisingly good charming movie. It helps a lot that Carolla basically plays himself so rather than coming off as bad or stilted, he's just naturalistic. I have no problem of this whatsoever by the way. Non-actors playing themselves sometimes end up being better than good actors playing whoever. It's definitely the type of movie you catch on HBO and end up watching it until the end.
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