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Title:   See No Evil
Director:   Gregory Dark
Year:   2006
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   08.26.09

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08.26.09Netflix This is the last of the WWE films that I hadn't seen and probably my least enjoyable. Modern day terrible action movies are at least unintentionally funny. Modern day terrible horror movies are just all quick cuts and bugs crawling across dishes. It's hard to believe two music videos have effected a whole genre for so long... anyway. This time the wrestler is not the hero - apparently Kane is a bad guy in the ring? I have no clue - instead he's a random murderer who plucks people's eyes out and keeps them in random dirty jars filled with viscous fluid borrowed from Marylin Manson. Not really sure why he's the master of this old burned out hotel that a couple random teens in trouble get assigned to clean for three days, but he's got like every room in the 9-story structure wired to a series of a dozen bells that ring and tell him where his next set of eyeballs are.

oh i remember why he's there now. I sort of dozed off for the last ten minutes or so... but i remember now. yeah, there's a "reason" why he's there. Totally justified. Not random at all.

So... random teens who I don't care about die and stuff. At the end a few of them leave. I guess a concerted effort to run down the stairs is beyond this group's capabilities (kids today, i tell ya) so most of them have to die at the hands of some huge wrestler dude who is somehow gigantic even though he doesn't eat anything and lived in a cage all through childhood. Fun!

Hopefully the next WWE film will be an action movie that I can laugh at... more fun that sitting through this.
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