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Title:   The Midnight Meat Train
Director:   RyĆ»hei Kitamura
Year:   2008
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.01.09

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.01.09Netflix This is not about those taco trailers all over town. Instead it's about one of NYC's subway trains and Vinnie Jones whacking people in the head with a gigantic fucking hammer and practicing his day trade (butcher in a meat packing plant) on some "long pork."

Exactly what a movie called Midnight Meat Train should be. Midnight? check. Trains? check.... Yeah, surprisingly good. The CG is pretty cheap but it's also kind of gritty and lo-fi at the same time that most of it works (the camera going around the train during the fight scene... not so much, but hey I said "most"). Some good fun gore, Vinnie Jones is a badass as usual, and you know... just a solid horror movie. Nothing amazing, but nothing close to a disappointment either.

tangentially, jesus! Clive Barker's polyp-ridden throat gives a really effin scary voice.

OK. I have to add a note about something on the DVD. There's a special feature I guess all about Clive Barker's art. as in painting. Does anyone want to know why I don't consider myself an artist? Because I'd pay someone to slap me if I ever said any of the stuff Clive Barker says about his painting during these 15 minutes or so. Seriously... I guess all that pretentious rambling is supposed to make complete sense to an artist so... I'm a nerd because I don't consider my head a bucket and my body an impediment getting in the way of art escaping through my conduit. This little bit is so hilarious I'd almost recommend a rental just for it. At one point he has a little circular canvas in which he's drawn a black spiral and he talks for almost two minutes straight about the nature of the spiral and all that it represents to him... and I mean he more than talks, he pours forth. No contemplative elipses, no ums or ahs, no qualifications or conditionals. Just him staring at a spiral (and pointing to different parts of it) and holding forth on it's relevance to the universe.

Jesus Christ. Another favorite moment was when he's in a little tent filled floor to ceiling with what he calls his "failures." Hundreds of canvases filled with paint. He quickly flips through them like a teenager looking at rock posters at Sam Goody, passing down sentences: "That's a loser gone lost lost what the hell? That I'll keep That I'll keep not a chance not a chance not a chance..." and they look like EVERY OTHER PAINTING HE'S BEEN SHOWING FOR TEN MINUTES!

This proves to me that I am not an artist and have no eye for art. In the painting medium at least. Thanks, Clive. Hey, weren't you a writer at some point?
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