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Title:   Robo-geisha
Director:   Noboru Iguchi
Year:   2009
Genre:   Japanese Weird
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.25.09

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.25.09Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2009
My second day at the fest actually started with the Drawn and Quartered animated shorts program, which started very late and was the reason why I sat in the front row for Robo-geisha, but whatever. Sometimes the bar eats you. So the shorts were... ok I remember the latest Don Hertzfeldt which I didn't like much (too random at this point. I guess he's surreal now so that's ok but I don't get it, which is my problem... i guess), this quick one utilizing all these vintage ad materials that was pretty awesome, and an 8-bit short called Consoul that was pretty damn cool. Some others were tedious and boring and there was an anxiety among a bunch of people about making it to the Paramount in time for Zombieland which is another unfortunate byproduct to festivals but again oh well.

So like I said above, I ended up in the front row for the first secret screening, which just about everyone knew or thought was Robo-geisha. Tim and Mark Walkow get up and start talking about Japanese things and then a whole slew of people involved with the film, including two tiny women with pointy boots, went up and were pretty funny. They promised a Q&A afterward and the movie started.

So, I haven't seen Machine Girl or Tokyo Gore Police. If you're a fan of these, or Japanese... whatever you call those movies, then look no further. Wacky Japanese humor does nothing for me so honestly it's something I try to avoid during the fest. However, my distant memories of Big Man Japan (a previous secret screening/Tim pick) were more or less positive so I figured if there was something Tim was this excited about showing then hey, let's give it a chance.

So it's about robot geishas. They eventually get weaponry installed in different places on their body. Most of the crowd seemed to laugh and cheer a decent amount. It was lost on me personally but I was expecting that so again... oh well.

After the movie, all the male filmmakers (along with Tim and Mark) came out in a line all wearing sumo "wraps" (whatever you call the ceremonial undergarment used to cradle the junk and separate your buttcheeks), went down a row of seats rubbing their asses on "lucky" festivalgoers (bet you don't see Redford doing that at Sundance) then came up for a weird little ritual that eventually summoned forth the two Tengu girls in their bikini costumes who swung swords around then poked all the dudes in the ass with voodoo pins. Then they did a Q&A which was... I can't really remember any of the questions because front row made the costumes and bloody asses a bit too real for me.

Sister, you are foe
Know what's better than your sword?
My hip katana!
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