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Title:   Sweet Karma
Director:   James Fler
Year:   2009
Genre:   Revenge
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.30.09

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09.30.09Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2009
I was actually looking forward to this one thanks to Kier-la's program notes and a general affinity for naked women and revenge. Plus any time any movie takes place in "the seedy side of..." any town, I find it pretty interesting because with most movies you get the tourist postcard, not the reality. This one's about a mute Russian girl who's sister goes to Canada to do housekeeping work but is really trapped into the sex trade. She dies, the mute sister gets a bag of her belongings, and then goes on a very calm murderous rampage through the offending organization's ranks.

So I went in really hoping for the best with this movie, and enjoyed almost all of it. It's kind of weird that she doesn't talk (it seemed pretty obvious to me that it was to hide her inability to act... very much a model walking through this movie rather than an actress playing a part) and some of the action... well ok never mind I thought the action and violence sequences were competent. Nothing legendary but it wasn't laughable either.

My beefs were two fold. One: there should've been more nudity. There's a TON of underwear in this movie. women are barely ever wearing more than underwear but also barely ever wearing less. It gave the movie a bit of tame-ness that I wouldn't expect... like it's trying to be at least a little trashy although the story and premise are complete trash. I could've used a bit more shocking nudity. Two: the ending.

OK spoilers for this paragraph. So she kills her way up the ladder until finally she get's to the investor: the guy who put up the cash for the whole operation and gets half the profits living off the pain and suffering of innocent girls. She rushes in ready to kill him and a girl shouts "no!" and.... it's her sister. WHAT!? Never mind that after she supposedly got bought into freedom and now loves her once-captor, she apparently not only doesn't write to tell her sister that she's ok but she fakes her own death?? Huh??? It makes no sense to me why the sister would get all these personal items and clues to her whereabouts off of a dead body that's not her sister. It kinda... invalidated the whole movie for me. And of course then we get the scene where she can't bring herself to shoot the guy even though she was like a lady terminator throughout the whole movie shooting dudes without any emotion at all. Ugh.

But despite those two things, i still thought it was pretty decent for the most part. Yes I wished it was better but oh well.

Mute model kills scum
Hot girls stuck in the sex trade
More nudity please
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