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Title:   Yesterday
Director:   Rob Grant
Year:   2009
Genre:   Zombie
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.30.09

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09.30.09Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2009
Walking into this, not only did I know nothing about this movie, I had no recollection of why I even put it on my schedule. Jarrette was in the same boat and fully prepared to leave if it sucked.

He left about five minutes in.

Which is a real shame because if he would've stayed like 3 more minutes, he would've seen the first scene that tipped me to what this movie was REALLY about. The scene in question takes place in an office break room where three businessmen sit around a table and talk about how many people are out sick today. The only thing that sets it apart from any other poorly-acted and -scripted scene is that all three "businessmen" are like 17 years old (one also looks like a lovechild between Ben Stiller and an ape). These are clearly kids "playing older" because they ran out of adults to play adults! Wait a minute! This isn't some faceless terrible movie I'm watching, it's a bunch of friends getting together on weekends to make a zombie movie!

From there, my enjoyment of the film increased dramatically. I started to create my own world behind the camera of this film (I have no idea if this is true or not... probably not) where the guy who played the shooting expert (awesome by the way) was also the director or writer and just wanted the world to finally understand why he likes to wear dusters everywhere (even though he lives in a basement apartment 3 miles off campus). These are mostly college students (with a few townies thrown in because they needed some older guys and that one dude has some gnarly chest hair) banding together with a handful of credit cards to make their version of the ultimate zombie apocalypse. Kinda like Pathogen but a little older.

Could this all be in my head? sure. But there's a scene where one kid has to chuck a rock through a car window out of anger or fear and you can clearly see him smiling because... hey, he gets to break a window!!! He knows he's supposed to be acting or whatever but come on! How often do you just get to break a car window with no repercussions? It's fun!!! It's also pretty fun to pour a bucket of blood in your friend's face, get a semi-cute girl to lay down and put fake bloody intestines on her midriff, play like you're shooting people in the face because you're an expert sniper marksman, and go camping in the woods! This is the power of zombie cinema.

So yeah, this was a terrible movie, but in a lot of ways one of the most enjoyable for me during the fest. In lieu of quality, I love that amateur sincerity that comes through with stuff like this and the Indiana Jones remake and things like that. Reminds me of the little skits and movies I used to make with my neighborhood buddies as a kid. As Chris said afterward, if it was me and a bunch of friends that made that movie, I'd think it was pretty awesome as well.

Of course this could actually just be a crappy movie made by some crappy 28 year old, but the way I chose to see it was pretty damn fun.

Let's meet after class
and make an awesome movie
I can pass for old
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