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Title:   The Bare Breasted Countess
Director:   Jess Franco
Year:   1973
Genre:   Sexploitation
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.30.09

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
- Succubus
- Venus in Furs

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.30.09Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2009
OK, for anyone who read my Venus in Furs notes, know that 13 year old me would've KILLED to see this movie.

The story is about... a girl descended from vampires who walks around naked and enjoys killing people at their height of pleasure ingesting their blood and their "hormones" together. The countess is played by Lina Romay, who's been accompanying Franco all three nights here at the theater. It's a little odd to interact with her during the Q&As then ogle her 20 year-old amazing body for 90 minutes then go back to Q&A. That's a little weird for me, but I guess it's no weirder than watching a movie that's basically 90 minutes of a naked writhing woman with a sold-out theater of dudes and a few chicks all around me.

This movie was much closer to what I thought the first two would be. It's very atmospheric, very languid in pace and story, and very very erotic. Oh yeah, add hearing the guy behind me say that he could feel each of the victim's orgasms while watching the film to the pile of weird sensations for the night.

It's pretty interesting to think that all three of these films really don't have any sort of conflict at all. None of them come close to conforming to traditional American narrative structure at all. It kind of opens you up to how versatile film can be; ;how many different things it can be used for and how many different ways it can communicate to its viewers.

I really liked this. Put simply, it was hot. And I don't know why but, boots and belt is better than naked!? Gorgeous gorgeous women. I have no idea why I thought I might doze through this. More than the constant gazing at beautiful naked female flesh, the thing that made this movie hot for me was Franco's camerawork. He's unabashed in what he wants to see and the camera is quick to zoom in all the way in all the most interesting parts. There's a real energy behind the camera that reminds me of my most carnal thoughts... kind of exactly what I'd want out of an erotic film. In a sense, Franco's camera is another character in the film, constantly making love to Romay as she does whatever she's doing in the movie. The lust is palpable.

All in all the Franco screenings were a huge success with me. Ideally, we would've had an indefinite time after each film to hear his stories late into the night but I guess a retrospective like this wouldn't have been possible without a festival to cover it so I'm just grateful for what we got. It's amazing to think how much that guy's done over the years (and continues to do - I heard he made three films this year!?) and judging from the three films of his that I saw during the fest, he's working on a plane very few others share.

Huh? What did you say?
Sorry, i was hypnotized
by amazing bush
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