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Title:   The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
Director:   Tom Six
Year:   2009
Genre:   Horror
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.30.09

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
- The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)
- The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

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Date Viewed Venue Note
09.30.09Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2009
Every festival I usually end up seeing something that sticks out in my mind as being... something I could only see at Fantastic fest. Something that stretches the limits a little bit of what I expect from gore or horror or gross...ness or whatever. I guess it started with Gary's Touch, continued with Taxidermia then Martyrs and now this year... we have The Human Centipede.

A couple dumb american girls get lost in the woods while trying to find a party and wind up at an isolated house's doorstep in need of help. Oops, instead of Mr. Rogers answering the door, it's a creepy-as-fuck German surgeon putting rohypnol in their water. A short time later, they're part of a human centipede!

So... this movie is really great. I flat-out loved it. It's got twisted humor, fantastic performances, sick probably-illegal ideas and it's actually contained in a well-produced film! People have compared the surgen (Dieter Laser) to a mix between Christopher Walken and Udo Kier. That's pretty accurate. His performance is nothing short of amazing. His reading of "No, I don't like human beings" is
classic. I loved every second he was on screen and was genuinely sad when... oops, spoilers!

The centipede actors were also admirable. Having to spend half the movie on your hands and knees tied together must've been hell for them but they all did a pretty great job considering the circumstances.

So I loved the film. It delivered for me exactly the way I wanted it to and made me supremely happy. What made me happier though was the Q&A afterward.

Something about Dutch people... they always sound so happy when speaking English. This guy came out looking a little like Denholm Elliot from Last Crusade in an off-white suit and fedora and started talking about the most disturbing stuff with an innocent smile on his face and perk in his voice. I bet he's ecstatic that the film is so effective (both positive and negative) and quickly announced his plans for the sequel The Human Centipede: Full Sequence. He said he wanted it to be a double feature because the idea is so crazy that the first film was just to introduce the concept then the second will delve more into the different details. i think this maybe made some people really happy and others almost offended. One guy asked "just to hear this from your mouth, when you were talking about a sequel... that was a joke, right?"

In Zack's words, it was one of the best Q&As ever. Each question was interesting and insightful and Tom Six the director had answers for every sordid detail (yes, he did consult a surgeon on the medical accuracy of the script; yes, you CAN do this at home and keep people alive for a very long time (years); no, you can't pull your face free due to the skin grafts on your cheeks... it would be like ripping your entire face off; etc.). The second-to-last question was "What's your ultimate celebrity centipede" and Six gave a deserving answer. I think a classic has been birthed.

Afterward, knowing I was heading home to less than 4 hours sleep, I popped my head in the highball just long enough to see that there wasn't much more to the 3D dance party than a handful of TVs showing random stuff in 3D and a bunch of people I didn't know.

Tom Cruise the front
Nicole Kidman in middle
J-Lo in the rear
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