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Title:   Balls of Fury
Director:   Robert Ben Garant
Year:   2009
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.06.09

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11.06.09DVRThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2009
Oops! Where did this come from!? DVRfest already? Damn. Well, to be perfectly honest I am not what you would call 100% prepared for my own festival this year. Lots of stuff is going on and this has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle. Oh well. Part of the fun of having it be a one-person film festival is that I DO WHAT I WANT! So, this year to celebrate another successfull year of recording every film I saw, I'm doing something similar to last year: not so much an exploration of films I haven't seen but a catching up of films that I missed. Also there's a few netflix movies strewn in this year so again it's not 100% "pure" DVR goodness. To make up for that however, this will be DVRfest's first year in HD! Huzzah!

So anyway, "Opening Night Film" ended up being Balls of Fury because 1) it's the only comedy on my program this year, 2) it's the only one Molly was remotely interested in seeing, and 3) it's one of two that have been sitting on my DVR forever (which, constant reader will remember, was the original impetus for DVRfest 5 years ago (!!!)). I had heard it was bad, but the cast is pretty decent and I liked Night at the Museum so I thought maybe everyone was wrong and a true The State/Reno 911! afficionado like myself would appreciate the embedded humor.

Eh, not so much.

The story is a rip-off of Enter the Dragons, except instead of kung fu it's ping pong (except in two scenes, then it really is kung fu for some reason) and instead of being good it's the opposite of that.

I think most of the problem... well ok there are a lot of problems. I don't understand who thought a lot of the jokes or gags in this movie were funny in any way at all. Then there's a decent amount of material that would probably be at least passable in the hands of a funnier leading man (it's pretty sad that I thought this guy was better in Good Luck Chuck... guess I'll have to see Fanboys now to tell for sure whether he sucks or not), then there were a few things that probably would've been funny with that actor if he was directed better (George Lopez, I'm looking at you). Finally finally finally, there were like 4 times in the movie that I laughed. I will now recount them for the official record:

-after Randy gets stung by all the bees, there's like a 5-second scene of him crying in bed.

-Not anything specifically but just in general I find the idea that Terry Crews actually being a credible comedic actor pretty funny. He and Tiny Lister should really play brothers some time. That would be great, since I think they're both genuinely funny.

-The screaming courtesans of pleasure made me crack up even though I don't feel good about it.

-...I'll have to get back to you.

Anyway, a shame really. Maggie Q is hot and her pelvis dragon tattoo needs much closer inspection. Seeing her have to kiss Randy was pretty gross though, and I usually stick up for fat guys.

On to the next, which was supposed to be a midnight movie but I fell asleep so will now be a noon matinee! Here's a hint: it involves humans again even though they are not in the title.