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Title:   Aliens vs Predator - Requiem
Director:   Colin Strausse, Greg Strausse
Year:   2007
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   11.07.09

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11.07.09DVRThis Screening is part of event: DVRfest 2009
This film exemplifies one of the main reasons why I think film criticism is dying if not dead: people will watch movies no matter how bad people say they are. In my defense, it's alien and predator... come on.

I can't remember if it was a direct follow-up of the last AvP film, but this one starts with the chest of a predator giving way to an alien. The ship crash lands in rural Colorado, a distress beacon is received by another predator in their alien city, and a disappointing movie ensues. I think a lot of people take just how cool both the alien and predator mythos for granted these days. Maybe Alien: Resurrection is still too close to people's minds or the extreme let down of the first AvP film has sealed both creatures' fates as relics of the past but that's a shame. a real shame. Moments and glimpses in this film reminded me of just how cool both species can be. It's just a shame that fox seems to deliberately make the opposite of what fans of both franchises want.

It's easy to say that humans shouldn't be in this movie. It's harder (and much more expensive) to say what a movie without humans would be like. Still, any chance would be better regarded than this, which is humans running around getting in the way of the real story: a predator hunting aliens.

That said, there were severl elements here that I did like. I loved how the predator starts using the humans as bait at some point, even though I don't really understand why since this is a cleaning mission and not hunting for sport the predator couldn't have called up a buddy or two. Alien squad tactics are cool, Predator squad tactics would've been cooler.

I also enjoy the amount of TV actors in this. I feel like this is a pretty grand tradition of the B-movie and am glad to see that it's still alive and well. What's more, I actually like most of the people working here. The dude from Rescue Me, the dude from The Job, the girl from 24, Sam from True Blood; it's like an on-hiatus pro-bowl. The acting isn't great but it's not too bad either and hey... it's Aliens vs Predator, not Hamlet vs Macbeth.

The movie is too dark. I literally can't see much on the screen. I'd like a good look at the big baddie here but... I'm willing to live without it. Whenever aliens come out of the dark they look weird anyway.

I really liked Predator's new toys, although I wish he got to use his whip for more than 4 seconds. Maybe he should put a wii wrist-band on it so he doesn't drop it with the slightest breeze. It looked pretty badass.

All in all it's a predictably disappointing film. I still hold out the tiniest sliver of hope that someday someone crazy will green-light a radically different kind of film (more horror than action) and we can see these two species really grow and clash. Until then... I'll always have the five or so films that I already enjoy.

From here, we go from one of worst reviewed films of recent years to one of the best.
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