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Title:   Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Director:   Shawn Levy
Year:   2009
Genre:   Adventure
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.07.10

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.07.10Netflix So... disconnecting completely with reality, this was pretty fun. I was along for the ride for the whole movie until the very end when the movie comes back to NYC. I'll talk about that in the next paragraph (spoilers there). Before that though, I had to continually tell myself not to worry about how everything gets put back in their boxes come morning. Once i gave up on that, I had a good time with it. Why not ya know? Why not have all those planes and jets and rocket engines have fuel in them or whatever... I guess it's a kid's movie and why bog it down by thinking too much about it. Instead, I had dumb fun (and although I dislike that term, at least this was fun rather than being dumb and still not fun) with this... until the end.

I feel like it deserved a better resolution than what we got. All of the disbelief that my brain had been straining to willfully suspend for the whole movie came crashing down in the last scene. It was the straw that broke my dumb-filter's back. I mean, an anonymous donation insisting all the old exhibits back? So Ben Stiller has to be poor in order to be happy? He couldn't've used his money to somehow take Ricky Gervais' job or something? And people flooding into the museum (once again... the same positive outcome as the last film?) just because it's open at night now? The night hours are what bugged me the most. First off, how can Gervais really believe that motherfuckin' free-roaming animals are animatronic!? If holographic Teddy Roosevelt had such a glitchy time telling you what year he was born, Robin Williams and a real goddamn horse is gonna be fine with you? And there's no reason why his character couldn't have secretly known and been freaked out by it and that's why he wanted them out in the first place. And in the end instead of begrudgingly telling Stiller that he's the best night watchmen they've ever had (what does that even mean!?), he could say that when Stiller initially quit, he had to fill in for a few nights or something and since he knows how crazy the place gets, THAT'S why he's glad Stiller's back. Nah, instead he's just cranky but somehow loves that he's back for no reason. Probably because the lion walking around letting people pet it is just a robot and there are more than 15 people in the museum again. Plus, night watchmen don't come on duty just because it's night, right? The place has to actually close before the night watchman has anything to do... right? And what happens to all the poor saps who hear about all the cool moving exhibits the museum has now so they go sometime during the day? How does that work?

Answer: it doesn't. Because it's stupid. It's a stupid end to the movie. And it sucks.

Not to even mention the weird ancestral Amelia Earhart loitering around.... HUH!?

So.... for a movie i heard was pretty terrible, I had a decently good time through almost all of it. Just wished whoever thought the last scene was a good idea spent a little more time thinking.
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