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Title:   Terminator Salvation
Director:   McG
Year:   2009
Genre:   Action
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.28.10

Other Movies Seen By This Director (2)
- 3 Days to Kill
- We Are Marshall

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
01.28.10Netflix The size and placement of McG's "Directed By" credit made me wonder if people who get to direct the third, fourth, fifth, etc. incarnations of a franchise series really think the people who see them will care who made it. People have to know, right? Say you get a gig making Silver Surfer 4. Is there any way that's gonna eclipse Silver Surfer 1? I guess maybe you have to or else why make the movie but... come on.

Anyway, this was forgettably sufficient. Wasn't bad enough to make me angry (although I still like this one the least), wasn't good enough to give me anything in particular to talk about here. I guess the sound design of that one big machine who blows up all the cars was kind of cool... I guess it's also a problem when you're dealing with a movie that basically plugs in a hole from another movie. We know that Connor will rescue Kyle Reese, we also know that - blowing up that building/city or not - the war will continue long enough for Reese to go back in time (this is all thanks to the third film, which reaffirmed the series' fatalistic viewpoint), so really we're just watching pretty explosions here. So that's tough from a story standpoint. I almost would've rather had the film be vignettes from the Terminator universe. Like dispatches from the war. Even with the story they had, they should've spent more time with Sam Worthington and less with John Connor. Again, there's supposed to be this big surprise that he's a machine but we see in the first scene that he's been dead for like 25 years and wakes up covered in mud... How am I supposed to think anything else? But anyway, i chose to read into the machine's experiments a little and why he wasn't self-aware and hybrid rather than just tissue over machine and that part (in my head) was cool...

Also, why can the T-600's walk up or down those corrugated metal stairs? Those things wobble when my hefty weight steps on them... is it supposed to be super light-weight aluminum titanium alloy? If so, how can they still deform solid-steel beams and shit when they fight each other?

See? If this was a better movie I wouldn't be thinking about this shit...
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