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Title:   The Cove
Director:   Louie Psihoyos
Year:   2009
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   04.02.10

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04.02.10Netflix Y'all! there's this documentary that shows that Japanese people hate dolphins! Ok so I know I'm pretty late (not so bad with fiction films where the story is self-contained but it seems like I extra missed the boat on this one because it became so timely), but it was still a good movie. Although some (like Joe Rogan and South Park) seem to think there's more going on with these dolphins - something that only the Japanese people know - it sure comes off like these are just innocent animals being slaughtered for no reason. It's interesting how the end of the movie, when they show the footage they spent the whole film trying to get, it's kind of unsettlingly simple. There's no plot revelation around the bend and in the cove... we don't get any ultimate justifications or reasonings behind the Japanese fishermen, we only get blood red water. The question of "Why" still seems unanswered to me, and perhaps that was the filmmakers' point.

In any case, I liked it. It's a movie people should see I guess although really this makes me depressed for human nature more than mad at Japan's dolphin-hate. Maybe it will actually take no more tuna on the shelves of grocery stores to wake people up, or maybe it will take tuna's continued proliferation to make us realize that we just hate our own race. Either way, no one seems to be willing to change unless concrete results stare us in the face.

Oh yeah, the music wasn't that great in this. And I would've liked the "ocean's 11" bit where they plan the shoot a bit longer. Like, how did they get the footage? did they have to sneak back the next night and pick up the cameras? Eh... minor squabbles. Good movie.
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