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Title:   The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans
Director:   Werner herzog
Year:   2009
Genre:   Cop
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.10.10

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
05.10.10Netflix Nic Cage. I think this movie is critical in understanding Nic Cage's career path as an actor. A lot of people like to say that he "used" to be good but now is crap because he used to appear in movies like Leaving Las Vegas and Raising Arizona but now he's in stuff like Ghost Rider and Next. i was definitely in the camp that thought he's just going crazy and the roles he's choosing were reflecting that, but after seeing this movie I get the feeling that it's all been a fairly conscious decision on his part to move away from acting in the conventional sense of the word and try expressing his characters more like a modern dancer or something... like how an alien who had no concept of humanity would approach things... a much more abstract take that hearkens back to a Wild at Heart style of raw nerve vitality unencumbered by civility or conformity. Don't get me wrong, the net effect is still the same: the dude comes off as batshit crazy and if you ask me each movie he does gets more and more entertaining because of it. But still, with this movie I see several deliberate choices ring out and have to wonder if this is just the first movie he's done in a while that stylistically matches his intentions, or involves a director smart enough to see what he's going for.

In this film he's a literal monster. Hunch backed, gigantic gun poking out of his belt, Richard Nixon impressions wafting in and out of his voice... he's a monstrosity. The first Bad Lieutenant had a grimy feeling of dirtiness because Keitel took no pleasure in being bad. His face seemed to communicate that he was somehow compelled to depravity, whereas Nic Cage in this movie really seems to love being bad. Instead of making the movie uncomfortable, it makes it funny. Plus you add in Herzog's willingness to go for it and you end up with iguanas and break-dancing souls and old ladies with guns to their heads.

So this movie is perfect for Austin and Alamo crowds, who seem to revel in the insanity that film can reveal. I can see how "normal" movie-goers might not get it or hate it or think it's crap. I got a pretty big kick out of it (although again, the overhype thing... but i'm tired of typing that).
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