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Title:   Whip It
Director:   Drew Barrymore
Year:   2009
Genre:   Female Cinema
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.16.10

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05.16.10Netflix So... I wonder what the rest of the country (or the world) thinks of austin at this point. I feel like I got here late and that was 5 years ago. Now, the city seems to be that much more exposed and bloated and notable and I wonder if all the other cities out there are just sick of hearing about us.

Anyway, I thought this was pretty decent. I personally haven't been to a txrd match but I remember seeing them practicing one day when I found myself at an Austin Studios tour during the first sxsw that I was in town for and of course that raucous night at the Alamo when QT played Kansas City Bomber and Unholy Rollers when all the movie geeks in the room had to be upset at the talking very quietly lest we get our ass kicked by a girl, and Molly has a friend who played on the Hellcats so she has pretty vivid memories of the old good times and we both agreed that the portrayal of the sport in the old airport hanger with the douchey bands and guerrilla atmosphere was spot on. Also, I think the women in the film did a great job actually playing the game and all that.

Directorially, it's pretty rough. Not bad per se, but a lot of scenes don't really flow and some cuts are pretty off. I bet they just didn't get enough coverage, considering Dylan Tichenor and Bob Yeoman were involved. Sometimes it worked (a few reaction shots like the kid in the shower or birdman) but other times it seemed a little messy.

And story-wise... it is what it is. There are no surprises here so it's more about whether you enjoy the journey.

I did like most if not all the performances. I think I just need to realize that I have a movie-crush on Kristen Wiig. I wish there was more to do for Zoe Bell and Eve but it was still nice to see them as part of the group. I also loved Andrew Wilson and Daniel Stern, but you know... not in the same way.

so yeah, i liked it. It's kind of cool to see a story that i'm at least aware of... not some spy story in Iraq or NYC urban hipster drama or LA celebrity comedy. Although that kind of makes the little montage where we see every Austin "cool" location in a row seem cheap and easy like they just spent a weekend here then went off and shot in Michigan (why Michigan!?). I wonder if people who live in NYC or LA think the same thing... They're probably just way too cool and over it to even think about because their lives are so busy and interesting with real things, god!
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