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Title:   Only Angels Have Wings
Director:   Howard Hawks
Year:   1939
Genre:   Drama
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   05.25.10

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05.25.10DVR This was also on while I packed. I haven't seen it in a while and really like the film, but since i was in and out of the room i only half watched it. I still love all the man-love going on... macho sentimentalism... they can't really make movies like this anymore. I guess The Hurt Locker comes close but nah...
01.17.07DVR I'd seen this movie a long time ago and a couple of signs pointed me toward revisisting it. It's just as good as I remember it being, filled with a bunch of bravado and tough guy behavior that Hawks seems to revel in. A group of airmail pilots in the Andes have to fly through treacherous conditions for a living and Jean Arthur stumbles into their world. Rita Hayworth is also in it in her breakout role and this amazing character actor who was in every great movie released in 1939 (and I believe there were a lot of them that year). I love how that guy is stocky but not really fat except for a weird camel hump underneath his belt. You just don't see that nowadays, probably because people don't wear their pants so high. Anyway, I think the charm of the movie, aside from the characters, is in its rythm and pacing. It's a two hour movie that feels like 80 minutes and you don't realize how caught up you are until you feel it nearing the end and realize that two hours of your life has gone by. It never feels hurried or frenzied but it's always moving forward. Most of Hawks' movies are like this... Impeccable structure and pacing.

I might end up netflixing this just to grab the peanut song they play toward the beginning. Cary Grant screaming PEANUUUUUTS! is hilarious.

And oh, I think it's been maybe ten years since I first saw Rita Hayworth and I still can't believe how hot she was. My poor little brain just can't comprehend it.
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