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Title:   Toy Story 3
Director:   Lee Unkrich
Year:   2010
Genre:   Animated
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   12.25.10

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Date Viewed Venue Note
12.25.10DVD Merry Christmas!
07.06.10Gold Class So I'm a homeowner now. In terms of this blog that means I pretty much don't watch movies anymore. At least not for the past few weeks, where it seems like there's always a wonderful(ly expensive) new facet of homeownership to discover in my time that's not work. So i have a new ceiling fan and sink faucet and lawn mown but not many movie entries to write notes on. I'm sure that'll balance out. at some point.

I definitely wanted to see Toy Story though. I really enjoyed the first two and am happy that they revisited such iconic source material. I think it's great that they managed to address another major aspect to a toy's life that is somehow universally-known but also new to the screen with this one. Together with the collector aspect of the second film, these almost make the rivalry story of the first film seem insignificant. It's really great how they found a way to meaningfully continue to explore the world with these toys that we the audience have grown up with along with Andy.

Of course, they know that and use it to make grown men cry. Bastards.

So I loved it. Pretty much everything about it. Love that there is no full-on musical interlude yet still uses the Randy Newman music that is so closely associated with the series. Everything with the movie is great and just as it should be. um... i guess i could go on but i can't think of specifics at the moment.

Also, This was my Gold Class experiment movie. I don't know about the normal 2D movies but right off the bat a $30 ticket fee is... pretty high. The food was cheaper than the website indicated but still pretty expensive (about on par with the Alamo). The chairs and the consequences of those chairs (more space between people, less people in the theater) are easily the best parts of the experience. The screen is average, the table is a little awkward if you have more than two drinks and one plate shared between the two chairs. The waitstaff try to be fancy but are less practiced than the Alamo staff. The front bar was glitzy and douchey and not my scene at all. All told it was a nice experience but I probably don't have the disposable income to make it a habit.
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