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Title:   Inception
Director:   Christopher Nolan
Year:   2010
Genre:   Science Fiction
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   07.21.10

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
07.21.10Galaxy Highland Waited too long to write notes about this. My excitement and enthusiasm has kind of faded a bit... but whatever. i remember that I loved the shit out of it. I also saw it in the Galaxy's DBOX seats which were rad (kind of like a subtle version of Star Tours where the seats tilt and vibrate along with the movie)... it was a little distracting at first with the first gunfight where everything was just rumble times everywhere but after that it settled down a bit and became less frequent, so shock sounds doubled with shock thuds to your chest and actually made you jump or when there's slow-motion shots of falling vans you get the smallest tilt setting you off kilter. It was really well done I thought and had much higher value than Gold Class.

So, I guess a major criticism of this movie is that you know you're not dreaming because you're not talking to a purple dinosaur. That the dreams were all so realistic was only half-explained by "they make sense to you at the time" but... to me, these are Christopher Nolan's dreams. logic puzzles, visual tricks, illusions, obscured facts... that's really what all of his movies have been about so it makes complete sense to me that that is what his dream world is about as well.

I loved it all. loved how he shot it, loved the idea of it, loved the performances. I guess having not seen Shutter Island helped me in this case. The ending being open seemed like the correct way to end things to me more than stir any debate in my mind (the question of whether or not the top falls is a bit of a red herring, i took it as the fact that we don't know the answer was the whole point). I didn't mind the length, in fact I wanted more. The snow setting was great for it's James Bond-ness but I could've done with a few more visual flares or invasions like the train in the downtown street (which was awesome).

Such a great movie.