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Title:   Hot Tub Time Machine
Director:   Steve Pink
Year:   2010
Genre:   Comedy
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   08.02.10

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08.02.10DVD i kind of love this movie. mostly because it exists. it seems like they don't make movies just for fun anymore. Either it's some thin concoction of a performance based comedy, like putting Will Ferrell together with a single idea and letting him run with it, or it's a scientifically-engineered humor factory where every button is hit with the bored polish of a formula perfected 20 years ago... this movie feels like an 80s comedy in the best ways in that it's stupid, it doesn't take itself too seriously (yet without winking at the audience) and it's just about having fun. I mean, it's got a hot tub time machine for god sakes!

The one weak link I thought was Chevy Chase. his scenes are all kind of weird and never quite connect. Don Knotts in Pleasantville will probably be the best all-time character of this type, and watching Chevy mumble through his exposition just made me think of how not as good he is compared to ol' Don.

but other than that, i loved it. fun fun funny stuff.
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