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Title:   Enter the Void
Director:   Gaspar Noe
Year:   2010
Genre:   Drug
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   09.23.10

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- Climax

Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
09.23.10Alamo South LamarThis Screening is part of event: FantasticFest 2010
Another fantastic fest! Yay for that, although I'll say up front that these notes probably won't be as thorough as they usually are. For the second year, I'm working mornings and attending films in the afternoon/evening so I'm writing these up at work and, unlike last year, I actually have tasks assigned so i'll have to do these on the sly.

But anyway, it seems the festival is busier than ever. My sign-in synopsis:
-online ticketing a great idea, horrible execution. Maybe one of these years B-side will cover ticketing and there will be a "reserve" tickets button for each day that automatically grabs selected films from the schedule. I guess this is an OK first start but honestly it needs more dev time.

-poster's pretty awesome; shirt's pretty crap.

-The Paramount seating is stll FUBAR. I'm changing my schedule to avoid it after tonight.

-feels weird seeing so many people i either used to know or used to half-know. Has it really been a full year since I've even been to this theater? ouch.

So this film fake sold out due to the ticketing. It was still pretty full though and I was lucky to get a decent seat.

So... the beginning titles are online and I urge everyone to watch those. Seeing them in a theater is a real experience. It completely sets you up for anything... blanks the slate with an overwhelming attack of typography. Rad.

And the film is superior on a technical level. The blend between photography and CGI is clever and his work with depth and focus is pretty amazing.

However, like Irreversible, Noe sticks to his idea fervently, refusing to let it go kind of like how some movies (cough Machete cough) start off super grainy and after about 15 minutes revert to a normal movie. I admire his dedication, but feel the film also suffers for it.

After a while, I'm just tired of looking at the back of this guy's head or looking down on people from above. Again, I admire his thought of giving the audience an immersive death-like experience but... with a little thing called editing this movie could be half as long and all the more effective.

oh well. I liked parts, but by around the 2 hour mark I was waiting for it to end.

notes later
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