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Title:   Frazetta: Painting with Fire
Director:   Lance Laspina
Year:   2003
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.23.05

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Date Viewed Venue Note
05.23.05DVR A decent documentary about fantasy artist Frank Frazetta and how awesome he is. I didn't really know the name but the documentary is right when it says that most everybody has at least seen his work on paperback covers, comics, or as clear inspiration to pretty much all commercial artowork today. He's the guy behind those burly Conan paintings, and all the cool stuff with naked chicks and guys with huge swords battling tigers and stuff. Anyway, this was very interesting. The structure of the movie itself was a bit stuffy and acts as an example of the differences documentarians have over their subject matter, this being pretty flat and amateurish, but the subject matter kept me interested, and the fact that this guy is like Superman. He gets thrown in a looney bin then has all these strokes so his right hand is all numb and stuff and what does he do? he learns to paint with his left hand. And he's good at it. That's just crazy... I can't even sign my name with my left hand, and he's free-drawings badass tigers and sharkladies and stuff. Anyway, I'm glad I caught this randomly on IFC, I feel more cultured now, and not in a snobby way either.
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