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Title:   They Won't Believe Me
Director:   Irving Pichel
Year:   1947
Genre:   Noir
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   05.24.05

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Date Viewed Venue Note
05.24.05Borrowed A film noir that my mom always brings up as a shining example whenever I mention the genre. It's pretty much unheard of and isn't available on DVD or VHS I don't think, but it's pretty good! It fits most of the criteria very well, with a great inevitable downer of an ending. It had some names in it as well, like Jane Greer, Susan Hayward, and Robert Young. It's basically about a guy who's married for the money and has affairs and makes to run off with one when fate throws the inevitable curveball to make him a criminal even though he really did nothing wrong. It may sound like every other film noir but that isn't really a bad thing in my book. Well worth watching, and it even had a few great lines like "She was a short fuse of dynamite wrapped in nylon and silk, but I'd been close to an explosion before. I was powder-shy." Well worth watching if you can catch it on TCM.
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