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Title:   Robin Hood
Director:   Ridley Scott
Year:   2010
Genre:   Adventure
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   12.26.10

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Notes History
Date Viewed Venue Note
12.26.10Blu-ray We got my dad a Blu-ray player for christmas. He watched The Unforgiven yesterday but i was in and out and only saw half of it. Today My mom got a choice and wanted to see this. She loves it. I heard it was horrible. Oh well.

It wasn't actually as terrible as I thought it would be, although it did have the major problem I saw when it came out (and perhaps the reason why it tanked): I had absolutely zero interest in another telling of the Robin Hood story. The period London stuff was great I thought. I don't know why but early London really fascinates me. Probably a hold-over from Stephenson's Baroque Cycle. In any case, seeing 13th century Tower of London and Thames was pretty cool. I generally trusted the production design (as in all Ridley Scott movies). The action was eh, the acting was meh, the story was pretty bleh. We watched the director's cut and when I asked my mom what was extra she said she didn't remember so much action. I can't imagine this movie with 20 minutes of less action. Oh my god is it slow. It took like 80 minutes just to get the plot going. Who wrote this!? Oh, Brian Helgeland. That explains it.

So... I stayed awake through it. You know, it was a professionally-made movie. I still have to ask who green-lit it though, since I don't think I'm alone in having no interest at all. It reminded me of how much Master & Commander has grown on me over the years. That's a pretty good movie!

Oh one last thing. Semi-spoiler. At one point in the movie (it felt like about 4 hours in), we learn that Russell Crowe, who is playing someone who isn't Robin Locksley or whoever but is pretended to be for some banal reason learns that he, in fact, is fated to save the entire Kingdom of England. WHY!? Why do filmmakers place a need on the main character to be "important!" You know what makes chance encounters chance? THEY ARE NOT FATED! All I have to say is that it's a good think he got to that ambush site at just that moment. It would've sucked if he'd tripped on a stick and missed out on discovering his history and noble purpose in life. Likewise it's lucky that he went straight to one of two dudes on the entire planet who know who he is, and he bumps into the other on the way there! Jesus Christ. I hate this. I absolutely hate this. You know what ruined Star Wars for me? It wasn't Jar-Jar or all that trade federation crap or Jake Lloyd or Hayden Christensen (although those are all contributing factors). What made me officially turn on a once-beloved childhood franchise of mine is having EVERY GODDAMN STORM TROOPER BE BOBA FETT'S DAD! Come on!!!

So thanks for using this crap-ass trope in this movie as well. I'm happy for Russell Crowe that he remembers that his dad gave speeches. Blaaaaah.
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