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Title:   Exit Through the Gift Shop
Director:   Banksy
Year:   2010
Genre:   Documentary
Times Seen:   1
Last Seen:   01.10.11

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01.10.11Netflix About as overhyped as it can get, I'd heard from pretty much everyone including people who don't even know I like movies about how genius this is... I was already sad before I even watched it because I already knew I was going to be disappointed.

But I really wasn't. It's a great documentary with a great ending that kind of confirms what I always thought about "Art." The great thing about Thierry is that even before he discovered street art, he was ripping off rich people with cheap reject clothes (sorry, Beck!), so it's really no surprise that he should end up being not entirely sympathetic. I really love how everyone at the end was basically pretty angry about the whole thing.

Also, I think banksy is secretly Mackenzie Crook from the british Office and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Sounds just like him.

It's great that Geoff Barrow and Roni Size did the music. And Ehys Ifans doing narration. This movie is basically very hip and i'm hip for realizing that. Right?

Anyway, I quite liked this movie. The DVD extras were also pretty great. I love that the movie that people kind of expect this movie to be, being a film about Banksy, is actually an 8-minute special feature. He's right, Thierry's story is really much more interesting than his own. Also, the "Legal cut" of Thierry's film is hilarious. Good stuff.
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