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Title:   The Town
Director:   Ben Affleck
Year:   2010
Genre:   Crime
Times Seen:   2
Last Seen:   03.27.22

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03.27.22Internet Images for this have been popping up on the netflix screen saver thingy on my fire tv that got me in the mood to watch this now that I know who Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively are. In many ways it feels like a decent-to-good Heat rip-off but hey, what isn't. I liked it pretty good even though it really throws Charlestown under the bus there... even with the unattributed "quotes" at the beginning. Either this movie is 100% truth or I bet Charlestonians are still pissed.
01.15.11Netflix Now that I don't really see movies in the theater anymore, I have to deal with hype quite a lot. What I'm seeing are a lot of good solid movies talked about like they're history-changing revelation bestowed upon its audience. I don't know if there are just so many bad movies that an honestly good one gets pounced on or maybe the state of film criticism is such that writers are so eager to get credit for discovering a good film that they go straight to 11 and broadcast to everyone the biggest word they can think of that means "good" or what, but either way it seems like I've rented a string of films that were vaulted to cinema history before they left theaters and when I watch them at home I just see good solid movies.

Such is the case with The Town. It's a good movie. I'm not taking anything away from it. But really? I mean, robber wants out of the life, robber has to do one last job, last job goes wrong, robber either dies or gets away right? The story is not what you'd call revolutionary. Is it as good as even a movie like The Departed? Eh, probably not. Maybe because Ben Affleck was the guy in the director's chair, it's more of a surprise. But Gone Baby Gone was good too.

Oh well, So it was overhyped. I still liked it. Jeremy Renner is pretty great. The Hurt Locker was similarly overhyped but I saw a scene on cable from the Jeffrey Dahmer movie that he did where he's arguing with his dad, played by Bruce Davison, where he doesn't want to open this old wooden box that was his dad's childhood treasure box and he explains that there's porno in there and goes through this whole thing where he doesn't want to open it in front of his grandmother just so he can get a few moments privacy to take the severed head out of it. His accent, mannerisms, body language... everything was different. Almost a completely different dude. So now that he's getting some serious acclaim for playing relatively subtle characters, some (like myself) may not exactly see it. But he's really great, and great here.

Um, what else. Nothing I guess. Good movie. I liked it.